Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pitillos shoes - Ireland summer 2017

Pitillos shoes online Ireland at  . We are delighted to introduce the new spring/summer 2017 range of Pitillos  shoes.

Pitillos is a Spanish footwear company that produce high quality, innovatively designed shoes from natural materials. Pitillos shoes combine comfort and functionality with contemporary design.

Now, it's vey hard to combine comfort and elegance but year after year the pitillos designers manage to pull it off. Comfort is ageless, as reflected in the broad age range of our pitillos customers.

Comfort, style, quality material and value for money are the embodiment of the pitillos range.

Lets take a look!!

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Can't go wrong with a simple metallic pump for summer, for your pastel, white and grey shades

There's room in everyones wardrobe for a navy and white pump, a summer classic.

This silver and beige leather shoe from pitillos adds a bit of glamour to your everyday walking shoe.

So ,we hope that you've enjoyed this introduction to the spring summer 2017 pitillos shoe range available at O'Leary & Daughters Bandon and online at

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