Friday, 1 November 2013

Autumn Fashion Photoshoot - behind the scenes photos

The Autumn Fashion Photoshoot was great fun, but a full on, all day, none stop, kind of day...and not half as glamourous as the photos would suggest. There were a lot of strained necks in Bandon that day. Here a few behind the scenes photos.

First stop, the hairdressers.

Next stop, the beauticians

Time to cross the river, pity the budget didn't run to 2 pair of boots, wellies had to be thrown.

Time for a piggyback.

Into the water you go young lady..not a bother to her, Hope has such a great attitude xx

Here's one of the results of our river shoot, I think it was worth it!!

Naya Clothing photo NAYAclothing2.jpg

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Autumn winter photo shoot - reel 1

In an effort to engage our facebook fans at O'Leary & Daughters and to generate a bit of a buzz around our store, we teamed up with a local photographer Phillip Cullinane , hairdressers Jan and Di and beauticians at "Time for You". We used an amateur model, Hope Hickey and had great fun shooting photos around Bandon Town. Here are the results.

vintage style dress photo _MG_3073-Edit1.jpg Photo taken at Duchess tea rooms.
Buy this dress in-store at O'Leary & Daughters and online at or order through our facebook page 

Frock Art Dress photo _MG_3204-Edit.jpg
Buy this dress and shoes in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or order through our facebook page

vintage style dress photo _MG_3291-Edit.jpg
Buy this dress and shoes in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or order through our facebook page

Frock Art Dress photo Frockartdress3112.jpg Buy this dress and shoes in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or order through our facebook page

 At O'Leary & Daughters we are passionate about supporting Irish businesses and we're delighted to include newly launched brand NAYA to our clothing lines this season.
Naya Clothing photo NAYAclothing2.jpg
Available in-store at O'Leary & Daughters only.
  Frock Art Dress 3 photo FrockArtdress3.jpgBuy dress and shoes in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or order through our facebook page.

The midi skirt length was all the rage for spring/summer 2013 and has carried through to Autumn/Winter. We love this pleated midi but they can be hard to style, without falling into the grandma look. I think we pulled it off, working the vintage vibe but the addition of a red leather Jacket gives it an edge.
vintage style photo vintagestyle.jpg Jacket and shoes in-store only at O'Leary & Daughters.
Top available at and in-store.
Skirt available at and in-store.

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Window display October

First impressions are very important and it's important that our store window attracts attention (in a positive way), reflects our brand and our customers and is quirky and interesting.

As a small independendent retailer and in the absence of a large budget for window display, we have to be a jack of all trades and do it ourselves.

This is our window display for October, I'm not entirely happy with it but I am quite proud of the upcycled, flowers made from newspapers and tin cans...and we did have people come in off the street specifically to comment on the display. Interestingly, quite a few people had their own interpretation of the display, so it was thought provoking and got people talking about us.

window display october photo Photo1398.jpg

A few close ups of the newspaper and tin can flowers.

I will follow up with a tutorial on how to make the newspaper and tin can flowers and update here.

Autumn Fashion Shoot - reel 2

Part 2 of photo's from our recent Autumn Fashion Photoshoot.

Delighted to welcome newly launched Irish brand NAYA to the brands stocked at O'Leary & Daughters.
 photo NAYAclothing4.jpg Available in-store only.

 Sandwich clothing teamed with knee high tan wedge boots by Marco Moreo. photo sandwichclothing.jpg
Tunic,cardigan, bag and boots available in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or can be ordered through our facebook page

 photo NandWillow.jpg Dress, cardigan, and boots available in-store or can be ordered through our facebook page

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