Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lila Calypso dresses spring 2014 - second drop

Buy Lila Calypso Dresses in-store at O'Leary & Daughters and online at

Lila Calypso dress white and blue photo Copyof10007508_646903695371590_230326299_n.jpg

 You can buy this Lila Calypso dress  in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or online at

 Hot new Irish dress brand Lila Calypso are certainly making waves within the Fashion industry. It is great to see a new Irish dress brand launching and excelling within these very difficult times. The first Lila Calypso collection for Spring summer was well received by retailers nationwide and our customers certainly loved both the designs, affordable prices and versatility of the pieces which ensure that they can be worn for multiple occasions, from confirmations, communions, weddings to a day out at the races or a special dinner date.

At and in our store O'Leary & Daughters, we aim to provide "Quality, unique, timeless fashion" and we are quite chuffed with ourselves in spotting the Lila Calypso brand at their launch. Fresh designs, combining beautiful detailing with affordable prices ensures that Lila Calypso is a dress brand to watch out for. I expect to see them all over the press very soon. The second collection for spring/summer 2014 does not disappoint.

Lila Calypso Vase dress in white and navy with silver thread detailing.
Lila Calypso dress white and navy photo 1622132_623281724400454_972903342_n.jpg You can buy this dress in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or online at

Lila Calypso skater style dress with pink butterflty print.
Lila Calypso butterfly print skater dress photo 1546001_623281747733785_1344662732_n.jpg You can buy this fab dress instore at O'Leary & Daughters or online at

Lila Caypso skater style dress in blue
Lila Calypso royal blue skater dress photo 10007508_646903695371590_230326299_n.jpg

You can purchase this dress in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or onine at