Friday, 14 February 2014

Lila calypso dresses for spring 2014

Buy Lila Calypso dresses online at and in-store at O'Leary & Daughters

Here at O'Leary & Daughters we are very excited to announce that you can now buy the first collection of  Lila calypso dresses for spring 2014 in-store and online at

Lila Calypso Aqua satin and lace dress
Lila Calypso dress Aqua satin and lace photo LilacalypsodressLC035.jpg

You can buy this dress in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or online at

 Emerald green cowl neck silk dress with cowl neck, midi length,floral print and hidden pockets by Lila Calypso. Lila Calypso dress LC032 photo LilaCalypsodressLC032-1.jpg Buy in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or online at

 Chiffon sleeve navy dress with daisy print lace from Lila Calypso spring summer range 2014
Lila Calypso dress LC038 photo LilaCalypsodressLC038.jpg Buy this fab dress by Lila Calypso in-store at O'Leary & Daughters or online at

Black dress with chiffon sleeve and floral pattern from the spring summer 2014 collection by Lila Calypso
Lila Calypso dress LC037 photo LilaCalypsodressLC037.jpg Buy in-store at O'Leary & Daughters and online at

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Introducing Garcia Spring 2014 collection

Buy Garcia Jeans casual clothing online at and in-store at O'Leary & Daughters

Garcia is an emerging international brand,  trendy, cool and designed for self-confident woman aged 25-40  who enjoy relaxed and casual fashion at affordable prices. The design team manage to combine quality fabrics and comfort with affordable prices.
Jumper €69.95 at

The Garcia brand was born from a husband/wife Italian designer team in 1977 and is fostered by a Dutch fashion house which aims to take the brand to the market leader in the urban denim market by 2015.

So we are very proud to have sourced this brand and to introduce this emerging brand to Ireland and the garcia brand is now available to buy in store at O'Leary & Daughters or at our online boutique for Spring 2014. Monthly deliveries can be expected so that there will be something new and fresh to tempt you each month.

Garcia is a brand that takes you by surprise on many levels. I have been a fashion buyer for over 20 years, . I like to think that I can judge a lot about the quality of a garment from the feel of the fabric. When I'm buying ranges, it's like a reflex, I do the touchy feely test first...then check the price tag.When I was first introduced to the Garcia brand, I  had to do a double take because my brain sent back a "does not compute" message. In short, amazing quality at VERY reasonable prices.

The second surprise with the Garcia brand is the understated nature of pieces, which then on closer examination reveal little details and embellishments, so a simple tee-shirt, on second look, you fall in love. So, for me, meeting Garcia is like meeting a good man, not flashy or pushy but spend a bit of time with him and on closer examination the beauty, reliability and hint at sophisticated sexiness reveals itself and it becomes a much loved item :0
€34.99 at
You might like to check out some looks you can build using garcia just click here

casual spring look

casual spring look

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Fidji shoe brand

Buy Fidji shoes in Ireland in-store at O'Leary & Daughters and online at

High on a mountain top in the Averio region of northern Portugal sits the medevial castle of Feira which was once the residence of Portugals first King.

 In the valley below sits the ultra modern Lunik shoe factory. Within the walls of this factory, designers from Spain and France, use the finest Italian leather to handcraft Fidji shoes.

The Fidji range of shoes were first produced in 1999, with  the aim of combining comfort with styling to produce wearable and stylish shoes which appeal to a broad age range.

Fidji shoes are hugely popular in USA and are beloved of popular USA fashion blogger Tavi Gevison of You look fab just click the link to read her blog post on Fidji shoes and the 36 comments she recieved in response from fellow Fidji lovers.

The spring 2014 Fidji shoe range, yet again, manages to combine style with comfort and we hope that you will enjoy browsing our choices next door at

Ollyander girl bestseller predictions:

1) Under chinos and linen trouser boot

 photo FidjibootP02G9130232.jpg

To buy this summer boot visit our store O'Leary & Daughters or buy online at

2) Jeans boot

 Summer boot navy by Fidji shoes photo FidjibootP02G913024.jpg
To buy this summer boot visit our shop O'Leary & Daughters or buy online at

3) Summer brogue for under linens and dresses

 Fidji shoes silver summer brogue photo fidjishoeP01L419012.jpg

To buy this metallic summer laced shoe visit our shop O'Leary & Daughters or buy online at

4) Wedge sandal a must have for summer dressing and the colour is very versatile.

 wedge sandal in taupe and brown by fidji shoes photo fidjisandalP07L600001.jpg

To buy this beige and bronze wedge sandal visit our shop O'Leary & Daughters or buy online at

Thanks for reading and happy browsing. If you're a Fidji fan too feel free to leave a comment.

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