Monday, 12 January 2015

Easy peasy no cook desert

This yummy desert is so simple to make and taste's delicious, especially if you drizzle a generous helping of hot chocolate sauce over the top. I saw the recipe on one of jamie Oliviers Christmas programmes, but had neither the time nor the inclination to make it over Xmas.

Firstly you need to get hold of a pantennone cake, which is like a sweet Italian brack. The pantenone cake is dead handy for this recipe because it's pudding shaped....but a maderia cake would also work, just takes a bit more work to line the pudding bowl.

Shave off the crust of the pantennone cake, all that you have a naked cake.

Cut off the top and fit it into base of your bowl, then cut thin slices all around the cake and use to line your pudding bowl. If there are little spaces just press in and fill in with little wedges of the leftover pantenone.

Spread a very generous layer of your favourite jam all over the inside of your mould.

Take a block of vanilla ice cream, slighlty defrosted and empty it all into the mould and squish it down.

Take a generous helping of your favourite mixed nuts, chop them up a bit and layer over the ice-cream.

Take a generous helping of your favourite dried fruits and layer over the nuts.

Layer about 1/2 can of cherries on top.

Finish off with another layer of the pantenone cake.

Take a saucer and squish it all down.

Now, jamie poured a tot of alcohol over it, but because I knew that our smallies would be eating it, I didn't bother.

Put in the freezer overnight. It will slip out of the container easily and you can take sneaky slices whenever you like, then hide it back in the freezer.